The In Between

The In Between

Lei Han and Lorraine Walsh
The In-Between, 2021
Laser engraving on plexiglass, cedar
6’ 6” ” x 1.5” x 8’ 9”

The In-Between is inspired by grafting, which is a horticultural technique defined as the natural or deliberate fusion of plant parts so that vascular continuity is established between them and the resulting genetically composite organism functions as a single plant. In this process, the upper part of the combined plant–the scion–is connected to the lower part called the rootstock. 

The drawings were laser engraved on plexiglass and suspended within a framework that references a traditional grapevine trellis. Thus the sculpture observes the time-honored tradition of cultivating grapes to be trained for upright or semi-upright growth habits. The top row are the scions which will be grafted with the roots below. The space in-between the plexiglass plates is where the grafting occurs. The ephemeral nature of this sculpture considers the balance and influence of climate change on grape cultivation and vine phenology today.

Photo Credit: Virginia Harold

October 27, 2022